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Monday - Museum of Natural History

Monday evening we left Loren at the farm with Tom and we took Andrew and Tracy downtown to DC for some sightseeing.  We hit the Museum of Natural History as Tracy wanted to see some dinosaur bones.

Mike tried to feed Andrew to a T-rex!!!!


Moving forward millions of years...   we have a mammoth!   yay ice age :)

They have thousands of pretty rocks

Some huge!

Others, small.  So this is supposed to be huge.  It's   The Hope Diamond.   (Sorry underwhelming every time I have come to see it)

We visited the butterfly room.  I got lots of pretty butterfly pics, but you can go look those up.
The place was neat, there were so many butterflies of all different types, the kids thought it was cool when they landed on you.

Tracy liked using her chart to identify them.

We walked over to the Washington monument before heading home.  The kids are checking out how big it is.  It makes you dizzy to look up at it that close!

Plus we squeezed in our obligatory capital picture to match one we took a few years back in the same spot.

We piled back in the car, stopped for some dinner on the way home and headed back to Tom's for the night.  Loren did fine hanging out with Scott and the girls while we were gone.

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