dragoness (dragonbec) wrote,

I suppose I should start packing.

Looks like Mike might not get home until 3am or something so we are not sure when we will be ready to leave tomorrow. There will still be a lot of getting ready to do plus flight planning etc. Some advantages to flying yourself, if you're not ready you just leave later. No stressing to make a flight!

I've got most of the things done to get the house ready. Today I mowed the lawn so it wont be 2 feet tall when we get home. Though I suppose if it doesnt rain it might be dead, but it'll be mowed :). I did about 489 loads of laundry, including sheets and towels. (Yes with the rattly drier, though the noise is inconsistent) I went shopping with all the kids and we got a few clothes and finally got Andrew some dress shoes and a belt. I have most of the stuff prepared to set up for the pets to leave them. Mainly just actual packing clothes and stuff left to do.

Even with getting ready we've been squeezing in lots of fun stuff. Yesterday Loren had gymnastics in the morning. We met up with Uncle Tony at lunch time since we needed his truck to do an errand and then ate lunch with him. After that I met my friend Barbara and her son at Extreme Fun for the kids to play for a few hours. When we got home I fed them and then Uncle Travis arrived so I could go to my girls night out. Wheee.

Today we got up and went to the free family movie and saw Flushed Away. Singing and slow running slugs crack me up. After the movie I grabbed some pet supplies at petsmart and then we came home and had lunch. One of Andrew's friends called and invited him to hang out with him for the afternoon. So he went rock climbing with his friend while I took Tracy to her gymnastics class. We all got home and I finished mowing and that's when we went out shopping at Kohls for the last things we needed. We stuffed our faces at Chipotle, it's cool because they make the kids their own meals however they wanted and only charged them like 80 cents. Of course I wolfed down an entire burrito. Yum.

Ok, time to herd the kids to bed and get to packing.

I forgot to post this and then Travis and Marisa stopped by to visit and the kids got back out of bed to hang with them. Now finally they are going to bed. I hear lots of giggling. I dont think they are asleep. Holy nachos its 11.

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