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Independence day

Our local neighborhood country club is really struggling. The club is like 30 years old and kinda run down and has a bunch of old dude members and they are running out of new members to give them enough money to maintain all the facilities they have. They are trying to do things to get the new younger residents of our neighborhood interested in joining the club. This year they decided to throw a big 4th of July party. We decided to go and it ended up being a great time!

All day long there was swimming, water slides, dunk tank, and fun activities. We spent hours swimming and playing with the kids. Then they served a poolside buffet of burgers, hotdogs, and chicken plus sides like corn on the cob, watermelon and chips. They also had a live band starting dinnertimeish from 500-830. After all the swimming and dinner we decided to run home and clean up and put on dry clothes and then head back to the golf course for the fireworks. I had fairly low expectations for the fireworks since it's just a neighborhood club, not some big city thing, but since we had seen a big show the night before and this was literally right in our neighborhood I really wanted to go to this show. Wow!! My expectations were blown away! It was an awesome show. We sat on the grass right next to where they were being shot off. They didnt go necessarily as high as some of the big shows, but the display was exciting and intense and awesome and crazy the whole way through and lasted for a long time. It wasnt just like one shot and then wait and then another shot. It was just tons going off all the time, and they were interesting different and fun types. I was so impressed with the whole party that the club put on. I do hope the fun day they gave to the neighborhood will help people be more interested in joining up. (They are considering selling off holes for development if they dont get more money and no one in the neighborhood wants that)

I dont have pics of us swimming because I didnt take the camera over by the pool.
The kids thought the dunk tank was funny. You could wait in the "dunk" line or the "throw" line.
The kids did both things.
Here's Tracy pre-dunk.

And here she is throwing to try and dunk someone else.

Here is a video of Andrew being dunked. Watch for the third throw. ;)

Daddy and daughter

Loren and her towel

Loren "snorkeling"


This is after we dried off at home and came back for the fireworks.
M&Ms for desert!

We always run into friends at the club. The kids had a blast. Here they are with some friends.
Hey when did Tracy start looking like teenager. YIKESSSS!

More fireworks. For some reason the little spiral trails I think are cute.

Overall it was a great 4th. Food, fun, friends, swimming, fireworks, all the classics!

I know that our country has a lot of problems and there are lots of ways it could be improved, but it's still a great country and we love living here!
Tags: fireworks, swimming

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