dragoness (dragonbec) wrote,

Lots of summer fun

Tuesday night we went to "Tunes at the pool" where our neighborhood country club pool has a live band and dinner out at the pool.  The kids swim and play and we have dinner and I sit and have a beer and chat with friends and watch Loren and make sure she doesnt drown.  It's a good evening event and it's nice for me to have those when Mike is gone so the days dont seem eternal because we have something to make the last few hours go quickly and happily.

Thursday night we started our Independence Day celebrating early with a trip to the Express baseball game and their Independence Day fireworks show.  (They played away on the actual 4th, so they had it a day earlier)  It was a fun game.  The Express won 6-3 and the fireworks were stunning as usual.  They have awesome fireworks for every friday home game but they have even better ones this time.  Mike got home thursday afternoon so he got to come party with us.

Tracy being patriotic :)

I didnt have any tripod so I just had to hold really still, but I still got some decent fireworks pics.

For some reason I find this hilarious.  I don't know why.  The Isotopes manager got really pissed about something.  I dont know specifically what about, but we were kicking their butts, so that might have had something to do with it.  He yelled like this to the ump for like 10 minutes.  The ump just stood there and didnt move, completely stoic while this dude just got IN HIS FACE.  The ump ejected the guy and he still wouldnt leave.  Eventually the third base umpire came and stood by them.  Then the first base umpire came over.  Eventually there were like 4 dudes making a wall and basically force escorting the dude off the field (though without actually touching him).   The whole shenanigans took like 20 minutes.  The crowd was all hecking and being obnoxious, which I am sure was helping ;)    For some reason I was cracking up.  I dont suppose I should laugh at other people's anger, but I couldnt help it.  (crappy pic, but you get the idea)

Anyhow, the game was fun.  The fireworks were cool.  I took a bunch of pics.

This time they had a bunch of those ones that are just a tons of little low down ones that go back and forth near the ground and they were actually really pretty.  I really liked these ones.

And a lot of times they had those low ones going at the same times as the big ones, like in the pic below and the first pic above.  It looked awesome.

This was just a TON of flashbangs going off at once that they always do right before the finale and at the end of the finale.

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