dragoness (dragonbec) wrote,

Poor puppy.

I love my puppy dog.  His name is Mikey and he's snuggly and sweet.

Well, lately he hasn't been doing so well.  About two years ago he started having very mild arthritis, it was no big deal.  Well the last week or so he has started limping terribly.  He sometimes acts like he can't get up from laying down or like he doesn't want to go up stairs.  So I don't know what is wrong, is it just more arthritis, is he developing hip dysplasia, or what.  I took him to the vet to get anti-inflammatory meds and x-rays.  The vet expected to find his hip joints in bad shape because that is how he is acting.  Here's the weird part, on the x-ray his hip joints all look very good!  So now the vet isnt sure what is causing the problem.  He did see some calcification on one of his lower vertebrae and is wondering if there's a pinched nerve or something like that causing the problem.  Well for now we are just supposed to give him the NSAI meds for a while to see if it helps.  I hope it does but after a day or so he's still limping so we'll see.  If that doesn't work we may have to try some steroidal treatments.  Bleh.  The weird part is he doesnt really look like he's in all that much pain, just that he can't do stuff. Then again, he can't really say it hurts or not so who knows.  He's not terribly old, only like 7 or 8.

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