dragoness (dragonbec) wrote,

Duck Adventure

An old neighbor of mine from my home in Maryland where I grew up was in Austin visiting my parents for a few days this week. Yesterday they were looking for something "touristy" to do in Austin. Andrew has been bugging me all summer to go ride on the "boat-bus" so I suggested that we go take a ride with Austin Duck Adventures.  Its this old DUKW amphibious army vehicle that they refit as a tourist ride.  You get to drive all round downtown Austin and look at the sights and then splash in to Lake Austin and cruise around there for a while before heading back.  It looks like this.

Everyone thought that sounded like fun so we went.  The kids (and adults) really enjoyed it.  Andrew thinks being "downtown" is really cool with all the buildings and cars and he really enjoyed the bus tour and how the bus driver splashes into the water to drive around Lake Austin.  Tracy just stared out the side the whole time and didn't say much but I think she had fun too.  Loren fell asleep in the Baby Bjorn carrier strapped to me and slept for most of the ride.
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